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Filmmaker - Producer - Screenwriter - Actor


 --- Driven

I'm an international filmmaker passionate about stories and people that spark change. From the horrors of organ trafficking to the possibilities of VR travel, I explore how technology shapes our identities.  We're all meaning-makers on this grand stage of life (shout out to Shalespeare!), and my films aim to reflect that.


--- Storyteller

A self-taught filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, and actor, I've set up shop in Brussels, where I champion international co-productions. By leveraging a mix of equity and subsidies, these collaborations push creative boundaries.  Find your tribe and sky’s the limit.


--- Cultural Diversity

With a rich slate of seven multi-cultural feature film scripts, each tackling a unique theme, I'm currently securing financing for one in Brussels through a combination of European subsidies and US investment. My narratives weave a captivating balance of real-life inspiration and straight up entertainment. Fluent in French to add a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to my directing abilities or when I need to curse without offending anyone on set!  


--- Creative Collaboration

"You're as good as the people you surround yourself with," is my guiding principle. That's why I lead "Write-Rite," a writers' group fostering creativity in both seasoned and aspiring storytellers. We work together to silence the inner critic, embrace self-belief, and take the leap of faith.  

My background as a professional actor gives me a unique understanding of the challenges faced by performers. This empathy translates into my directing style, fostering a collaborative environment.  

The film industry thrives on collaboration. The not-so-secret secret? Working people you admire and respect, whose talent ignites yours. When everyone brings their A-game, the results can be extraordinary.  


--- Little reminder for us all

Every morning, we wake up on a rock hurtling through space.

A perspective worth keeping in mind.

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