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  • We are an international film Production Company. The world is connected.

  • Our aim is to encourage co-productions of films worldwide to be shot in Europe through tax advantages.

  • Europe is gifted with a talented and multilingual cast and crew. Countries like Belgium, France, Switzerland continuously aims to team up with producers who have plenty of experience in setting up international co-productions. 

  • Bottom line: Create a long-term dialogue and consolidate US-EUR - development ties.

Let us help you finance your films. 
Laissez nous vous aider à financer vos films. 
  • Nous sommes une société internationale de production de films. Le monde est connecté.
  • Notre objectif est d'encourager les coproductions à venir tourner en Europe grâce à des avantages fiscaux.
  • L'Europe est dotée d'équipes techniques et artistiques multilingues. Des pays comme la Belgique, France, Suisse  cherchent en permanence à s'associer afin d'établir des coproductions internationales.
  • Pour résumer: créons ensemble un dialogue à long terme et développons des liens AMERICANO - EUROPÉENS.
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VY-iNC (virtually Yours) - the 'all you can live' agency - TEASER

VY-iNC (virtually Yours) - the 'all you can live' agency - TEASER

A SCi-Fi THRILLER made for our TIMES. LOGLINE: ENGLISH Unaware of the perilous consequences for both clients and her own fragile psyche, a young woman unwittingly plunges into a treacherous environment when she lands a job at an agency specializing in tailor-made VR experiences. FRENCH 2032 Ignorant les conséquences périlleuses tant pour les clients que pour sa propre psyché, une jeune femme plonge involontairement dans un environnement perfide lorsqu'elle se fait embaucher dans une agence spécialisée dans les expériences VR sur mesure. TEASER CAST : - Verona Verbakel - Lucas Tavernier - Trine Thielen - Olivier Bonjour - Jan Debski - Jonathan Axel Gomis - Briand Laurence - Dieter Grohmann - Bert Vannieuwenhuyse - Sofia De Pelecijn - Ruddy Toni - Alena Silchenko - Maël Ahipeaud TEAM - Dan Thorens - Alban Guillien : Camera - - Anastasia Roupakia - - Music Rights - - Axel Vandermiege : AD - Micky Charlier : Make-up & Hair - Alex Kroutinski : Set Photography - Elodie.Munezero : PA & AD SPECIAL THANKS : - Balthasar Stores Brussels - Ellen & Kathleen : - Stuart M Lowndes aka DiSQUEO : - Guilhem - Laurent Nizette : - Jean-Jacques Tumba : - Lucia Design : - Toni Captain design : - Jack & Lea - Raoul Sainanee Design - CONTACT : copyright 2021 - all rights reserved
KINOCOP - "DON'T F$%K WITH THE KINO" - by Dan Thorens

KINOCOP - "DON'T F$%K WITH THE KINO" - by Dan Thorens

KINO COP (court métrage / short film) LOGLINE The Special Kino Police makes sure the Kino Kabaret in Geneva happens without a hitch. Sometimes one of their agents catches a KINO member's MEAL CARD thief! La Police Spéciale du KINO de Genève surveille que tout se passe bien pendant le festival. Parfois un de ses agents attrape un voleur de CARTE DE REPAS. SYNOPSIS: FRENCH Le KINO est un Laboratoire participatif de création cinématographique qui rassemble cinéastes, techniciens et acteurs pendant 12 jours pour créer des courts métrages pro bono. Ils y offrent une "carte de repas" pour un prix bon marché. Pour DFWTK (Don't F$%K With The Kino) donc, j'ai inventé cette police Kino a la Matrix (Diana Meierhans) qui poursuit ce voleur (Rémy Boileau) qui a volé la carte d'un des participants. La peine est sévère, mais censée être disproportionnée. Enjoy ENGLISH The KINO is a participatory cinematographic creation laboratory that brings together filmmakers, technicians and actors for 12 days to create short films pro bono. They offer a "meal card" for a cheap price. For DFWTK, (Don't F$%K With The Kino), I invented this Kino Matrix police ((Diana Meierhans) who chases after this thief (Rémy Boileau) who stole the card from one of the participants. The sentence is severe, but purposefully disproportionate. Enjoy! Written / Directed : Dan Thorens Camera : Anthony Jerjen Sound : Valentin Mauvaisjardin Editing : Anthony Jerjen / Laurent Roro Make up - SFX : Tiffany Noiset AC : Basile Manent




Led by director-producer-screenwriter Dan Thorens,

CW1 films is a US based specialized production company

with strong working partnerships in

Belgium, China, France, Canada and Switzerland.

Working closely with Writers and Producers to creatively foster quality narrative and documentary projects.

. / .

Dirigée par Dan Thorens, cinéaste-producteur-scénariste,
CW1 films est une société de production américaine avec de solides partenariats de co-production en

Belgique, Chine, France, Canada et en Suisse.

Nous travaillons en étroite collaboration avec auteurs et producteurs   afin de créer des projets narratifs et documentaires de qualité.




Lead by experienced Actor and owner Cary Woolworth,

Legacy Pictures is an international film and commercial production company with offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Beijing. They produce feature films, film/tv and commercials.

 in the entertainment industry in Hollywood, Europe and China. 


Anastasia Roupakia

a Music Licensing for Film, Ads & TV platform

At Aphaia, our core strengths include both the originality and poignancy of our music but also the quality of our production methods.  Our clients have direct access to the producer, guaranteeing they receive exactly what they need


Abbas Fasaei is a Belgian producer, actor, and acting teacher originally from Iran. Two decades of industry experience with mentors like Michael Margotta and Paul Haggis. Nominated for the Belgian Ensors, recently featured in Netflix's series. The head of an Acting Academy. His students snatched roles in Belgian series and Marvel films. He teaches internationally in Europe, Russia, Colombia & the USA, Co-producer on four international features.



KT Kent

is a prolific Film and TV producer with over 10 feature films under her belt. She works both Domestically and internationally.

Her production and post productions of a superior nature, she is a joy to work with. She comes in with a smile on her face and ready and willing (not to mention able) to tackle any project 


Kevin Christoffersen has been working in just about every form of media for nearly three decades - producing content internationally across four continents while living in five countries. He is an Educator and Development Executive of the new platform, 'Film StartUp' In this role, Kevin guides filmmakers through the A to Z feature film development. 


Geoff Dupuy-Holder is a screenwriter, script doctor and author with two features,several documentaries and over 30 books under his belt. Covering everything from action and adaptations to thriller, sci-fi, horror and historical, he is in development on a dozen film and TV projects with producers across Europe, the UK and the US. 



US: +1 (347) 927-0349           

FR: +33 - (0)6 62 91 66 88

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